This website was started by a group of friends who believe in the value of trade schools as educational options to young adults and seasoned professionals alike. 

Trade schools emphasize marketable skills and provide training for such occupations as future medical technicians, automotive repair technicians, aestheticians, chefs, and more. One of the primary benefits of attending a trade school is that graduates can enter the workforce immediately upon graduation. No “on the job” training is required. These graduates learned everything they need to hit the ground running in their careers. 

Although generally trade schools have been marketed to disadvantaged youth who aren’t interested in going to college, they are increasingly valuable for people of all ages as a valuable educational opportunity. 

For one thing, trade schools are significantly less expensive than a four-year university. With the increasing problem of student debt, trade schools offer a very real opportunity that won’t leave graduates in a lifetime of debt. There are even financial aid packages available to trade school attendants that are more attractive than those offered by four-year college programs. 

Another benefit of trade schools is that students don’t have to take a lot of classes that are unrelated to their career focus. They only take classes that they can use in their careers, which saves a lot of time and expense. 

If you’re looking for information about trade schools and need guidance on finding the best trade schools for your interests and education, you’re in the right place. We strive to be your go-to source for any information you need about trade schools. 

We welcome comments and suggestions from our readers. If you’d like to get in touch with us, drop us a line in a comment on one of our articles or get in touch with a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the Team

Joseph Adkins - Chief Editor

Many people don’t realize that you can get an education at a trade school that isn’t necessarily “technical.” In fact, I got my first education at a trade school in graphic design. I’ve always loved creating things on the computer and was able to use my graphic design training to get immediate work online doing graphic design from small and large companies. 

Coupling this official training with my writing skills has opened up doors for me I never imagined were out there. I’m happy to oversee a talented team here at Trade Schools for You. 

Chrystal Delaney - Junior Editor

 I know firsthand how valuable a trade school education can be because my dad put me through college working as a welder at a machine shop, a skill he got from attending a trade school. 

After high school, I was worried about going to college. I didn’t want to incur a lot of student loans and debt. However, my father assured me that his income as a welder was sufficient to allow me to attend college and pursue my dream as an editor and writer. 

For this reason, I firmly believe in the value of trade schools as a viable educational opportunity for young people (and older people) looking for a valuable career in the workforce. 

Dave McMahon - Trade School Advocate

I’m a huge trade school advocate because I actually got my first education at a trade school. Like my father before me, I went to a trade school to learn air conditioning and refrigeration technology. My family owns an appliance repair business and I played a big role in growing our company. 

After growing our company, I had the opportunity to become an instructor at the very trade school where I got my education. Working in that role required me to write some of my own technical manuals, and that’s how I got my start in writing technical information. 

Working here at Trade Schools for You has been a great opportunity to share my passion for trade schools and what they can do for students and potential members of the U.S. workforce. 

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