Many individuals spend most of their lives working at a dead-end job that doesn’t pay much. These positions are often high-stress and low-reward. If you are one of these workers, you may long for better working conditions and higher pay. Your workplace goals don’t have to be pipe dreams. With a bit of effort, you can likely find an easy job that pays well.

That’s where we come in. We have put together a list of 22 jobs that pay high wages for comparatively little effort. In compiling our list, we tried to find jobs that don’t lead to fatigue, burnout or injury. Because what constitutes an easy job varies from worker to worker, we specifically looked for the following:

  • Enjoyable job duties
  • Reduced workloads
  • Low stress
  • Good work schedules
  • Few on-the-job injuries

If you are contemplating a career change, you may not want to spend years enrolled in a higher education program. You may also not have the financial resources to pursue extensive training or special certifications. As such, we have tried to limit our list to mostly jobs that have few educational and training requirements. We did, however, include a couple jobs for those who have earned higher degrees. Read on to see which jobs we think are simple and lucrative.

Top 22 Easy Jobs That Pay a Good Salary

1. Tour Guide

Aspiring actors and history buffs alike love working as tour guides. Whether you are guiding walks through a park, leading tourists a historical adventure or participating in a reenactment, working as a tour guide is fun and easy. Even better, tour guides often accept tips, which can increase your base salary considerably. Likewise, you may be able to work as a tour guide during peak seasons, freeing up the rest of your year for other endeavors.

tourist guide

2. Swimming Instructor

If you like splashing around in the pool, serving as a swimming instructor may be right for you. This job requires some basic certifications but is relatively stress-free. Not only can you impart a lifelong love of swimming in your students, you can use your teaching skills to compete for higher-level training jobs. You may also earn a nice tip at the end of the season.

swimming instructor

3. Remote Customer Service Representative

There are many benefits of working from the comfort of your home. If you choose to become a remote customer service representative, you earn a decent wage for talking on the phone. With this job, you may need to invest in a computer or landline, though.

Remote Customer Service Representative

4. Dog Walker

To most, dogs are members of the family. When busy professionals go to work, they often have anxiety about leaving their pooches unattended. As a dog walker, you walk dogs and ensure their basic needs are met. If you want to earn even more, take some behavior and training classes.

Dog Walker

5. Personal Care Assistant

As seniors age, they often need a bit of extra help around the house. Unlike high-stress nursing jobs, personal care assisting is simple. In fact, your charges may only request house cleaning, cooking or running errands. To succeed in this role, you need a caring, responsible personality. Even better, the flexibility of the job may allow you to attend college or pursue other interests.

Personal Care Assistant

6. Audio Transcriber

If you work as an audio transcriber, you listen to recordings and make transcripts. You may work in law enforcement, the courts or for a private company. In addition to commanding a comparatively high salary, you often get to work from home as an audio transcriber. Good typing and effective listening skills are usually the only prerequisites for this position.

audio transcriber

7. Front Office Receptionist

Interacting with new people is often a way to make time fly. As a front office receptionist, you greet customers and clients who come into offices. You may also track the schedules of the professionals who work inside the organization. If you want to compete for this role, earn an administrative assistant certificate to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

Front Office Receptionist

8. Security Officer

As a security officer, you put your interest in law enforcement to work without joining a police force. These jobs are often simple, as they mostly involve patrolling. If you notice criminal activity, you can usually leave investigation and apprehension to police officers. Being able to work overnight shifts or other flexible hours makes you a standout candidate for security officer positions.

Security Officer

9. Librarian

If you have a degree in library studies, working as a librarian is usually an easy job that pays incredibly well. Those who choose this career path catalog books, assist with research and maintain the library’s collection. Municipal libraries aren’t your only option, however. Many corporations, governmental entities, museums and educational institutions have libraries.


10. Model

With the explosion of ecommerce, many startup sellers need models for their products. Art courses also hire models for students to sketch or paint. If you have the right look, you earn cash by simply being yourself.


11. Software Tester

During beta testing, many software developers need help from real-world testers. As a software tester, you look for software problems and provide input to programmers. You can probably do this job from home or on the go.

Software Tester

12. Parking Lot Attendant

As far as low-pressure jobs go, parking lot attendants have it made. These professionals usually work in a booth collecting parking fees. They may also patrol lots and issue citations. The obvious benefit of this job is being able to leave your work at the jobsite.

Parking Lot Attendant

13. Sales Representative

If you have an outgoing personality, you may appreciate working as a sales representative. After learning the product in-depth, you connect with potential customers. You may set up displays, send marketing messages or interact with customers face-to-face.

Sales Representative

14. Dispatcher

When you work as a dispatcher for a private company, you manage the location of deliveries or pickups. You may work for a taxi service, a warehouse or a medical transportation firm. While most dispatchers work in a communications center, some work from home.


15. College Professor

Working as a professional in a high-stress industry can cause burnout. If you have a terminal degree, you may decide to pursue work as a college professor. With positions in four-year, two-year and trade schools, you choose the perfect climate for your interests.

college prof

16. Landscape Architect

Being cooped up in an office isn’t right for everyone. If you have a passion for gardening, you may love working as a landscaper. In this job, you design outdoor spaces for individuals, companies or governmental entities.

landscape architect

17. Driver

In the modern marketplace, many individuals decide to work for a driving service. If you choose this career path, you have the flexibility to choose when you drive. You also don’t have to worry about keeping regular working hours. While some services provide you with vehicles, you may need a decent car to work as a driver.


18. Remodeling Contractor

Even though some are responsible for large-scale builds, many contractors work exclusively with interior remodels. Remodeling contractors usually have less stress than their full-service counterparts. They also often get to choose the types of projects they want to tackle.

Remodeling Contractor

19. Garbage Collector

While working as a garbage collector seems like a tough job, it usually isn’t. Since these jobs don’t usually appeal to the masses, they are often easy to land. They also pay comparatively well.

Garbage Collector

20. Door Attendant or Concierge

As a door attendant or concierge, you greet individuals who enter buildings or hotels. You may provide directions, schedule appointments and answer general questions. You may also ensure the premises stay safe and secure. If you have an outgoing personality, you can likely excel in this job.


21. Accounting Clerk

You don’t have to be a CPA to put your accounting skills to work. On the contrary, as an accounting clerk, you are responsible for general accounting. This usually includes basic calculations and simple posting. If you can work flexible hours, you may be in high demand at busy corporations or multinational firms.

Accounting Clerk

22. Phlebotomist

Not everyone knows how to handle a needle or draw blood. If you do, you can work as a phlebotomist in a lab or medical facility. With temporary offices popping up in pharmacies virtually everywhere, you may not have much difficulty finding a position that works with your busy schedule.


You don’t have to be stuck in a job that you hate. There are a variety of easy jobs that pay comparatively well. While our list includes 22 of these, it isn’t exhaustive. In industries around the globe, you can likely find a job that piques your interests, offers low stress and pays you a livable wage. Use our list as a starting point for your next job search.

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